Renegades News Update.

Its been a while since I updates Renegades News.

I have been very busy. I finally got Matrix Photos up and fully operating Picture Store front. I have need trying to accomplish that for over 3 years now. The only problem now it I need to start adding some of my Photos and art work for sale so its kind of bare bones but hey at least the site is working.

I have been working on setting up my new computer! A Surface Studio 2 fully stocked ie: 2GB SSD! 32GB Ram! 8 core processor! 8GB NVIDIA 1070 and of course a awesome tough screen! I have been so busy setting it up, not to mention updating Matrix Photos and I bought all of the CrazyTalk8 and IClone Software! OMG! I hope to you all get a updated on this software soon, till hten you can check out some videos on it on my photos site. I Love that software its so user friendly. So now I am in the moment but soon I am hopping to start doing some of my well loved art work, photo, videos and blogging. All of my websites are the worse for wear since I haven’t been paying much attention to them. I’m heading over to get Renegades Domains since my Matrix Domains website is more for Domains names I am hording or selling!  Renegades Domains is more for the websites I own that are up and running now. Its completely broke! I wonder how many more I have broke?

OMG So much to do thats only the tip of the iceberg! Renegade Rich signing off see you out there in the Matrix!  


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