How to Edit a Music Video: Aspect Ratio and First Cut | #FilmoraMusicVideo

How to Edit a Music Video: Aspect Ratio and First Cut | #FilmoraMusicVideo,

Want to create a music video? Try #FilmoraPro: // Welcome to the Filmora Music Video Series where we will teach you everything you need to know about making a music video. Filmora teamed up with international DJ, 3LAU to produce the video for his latest song “Tokyo”. From planning to filming to editing, this series will walk you through the whole process with in-depth interviews and tutorials.

In episode 6, Jony is going to show you how to make a first draft for a music video.

ICYMI: Episode 5: The Best Way to Backup and Organize Your Footage | #FilmoraMusicVideoSeries

Watch the Music Video Series:

WATCH 3LAU โ€“ Tokyo ft. XIRA:

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