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Photo Dust Removal Tutorial

Photoshop Elements Noise Reduction and Dust Removal Tutorial So I am getting ready to Scan over 100,000 35mm Slides! A…

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Hi guys, Renegade Rich here. I created a video for one of my websites, thought I would share it here….

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Greenhouse Effect

This is a video i made to share: Text that is in the video. Scientists attribute the global warming trend observed since…

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Greenscreen Madness

I made this video for my own referral. Feel free to check it out if you are bored. Don’t think…

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Description: ”Here’s my video submission to win a round-trip flight to Paris. Learn more about the #FilmstocksParis #Giveaway at https://www.filmstocks.com/travel-to-Paris”…

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Renegades™ Rocky Mountain High

I won the snow ball fight! Winter sports are fun.

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Moon Rising

The moon rising!

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Me – Richard Leonard at: https://its.photos and My Dad – Joe Leonard at: https://joeleonard.earth made this shot videos titled: OLD…

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How to Delete Youtube Studio Beta video

Having a hard time finding out how to delete a YouTube video in YouTube Studio Beta? I know I did….

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St Francis Prayer by Joe Leonard and Richard Leonard

This is a video of the Prayer of Saint Francis by me (Richard Leonard) and my dad (Joe Leonard) Created…